Buying a Phoenix Mobile Home in a Mobile Home Park

Buying your first mobile home can be very stressful with so many looming questions to be answered. Will closing be completed by the time we need to move? What documents do we need for closing? Luckily, Phoenix Mobile Home LLC has a lot of experience with the closing process for mobile homes, and these tips should be helpful to assure your family has a smooth closing, too.  

Here is how the process should work for a mobile home located in Phoenix, AZ, but it is always smart to double check with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) prior to closing for more specific information.

1.      Buyer gets approved by the mobile home park.

 This step is VERY important! Unfortunately, we have met families that transferred the title to a buyer who then does not end up getting approved by the park. Once the title is transferred, you are no longer the owner of the mobile home.

2.      Buyer and seller set up a time for closing.

Phoenix Mobile Home LLC typically does the closing at a local financial institution or MVD location. Wells Fargo and Arizona Federal Credit Union usually have a notary service available to notarize the Arizona bill of sale and the title. Call ahead to the branch before scheduling closing. For those who work standard business hours, GG&D Motor Vehicle Services are often open later (till 9pm) and offer the same services.

3.      Items that will be needed at closing.

                 i.          Title for the mobile home. DO NOT HAND OVER MONEY UNTIL YOU HAVE THE TITLE IN HAND. Both parties will need to sign the title.

                ii.          Arizona bill of sale (shown below). Both parties will sign the Arizona bill of sale. During closing, make sure all of the information from the title is transferred onto the bill of sale.

               iii.          The closing funds for the mobile home handed over to the seller: cash, cashier check, or money order. 

Please feel free to reach out to Phoenix Mobile Home LLC at (480) 525-6857 or if you have any questions about the closing process.