Selling a Phoenix Mobile Home

"How do I sell my mobile home?"

 It seems like every other day we hear this question. Fortunately, there are some different options for you to do this by yourself, but Phoenix Mobile Home LLC is available to help you along the way.

 Selling your mobile home may seem like a daunting task. There are a lot of steps that come along with the process of selling your home. If I could offer one recommendation, it would be to think like a buyer.

 Give the buyer all of the information that they need up front.

  •  Photos - Provide at least 5 photos including exterior and interior views.

  • Size and Number of Bedroom/Bathrooms – Every buyer will want this information.  Example: Doublewide 24'x44' with 2 bed and 2 baths.

  • Price - List the entire sale terms. Examples: Will sell the home for $15,000 with $3,000 down payment and $300 monthly payments or cash offers only.

  • Multiple contact options - Be clear on how you would like to be contacted. Include phone number, email, and times that you may be reached.

  • Description - This is where you can brag about how awesome your home is. Examples: large yard, friendly park, renovated kitchen, new A/C unit, lot rent $$, or cost of utilities. Make the buyer excited to see your home.

  • Location - List the community where the home is located. Example: Chaparral Village Family Park in Tempe, AZ.

After you have all of the information collected, knowing your audience is the first step in advertising and marketing. Families may be looking to purchase:

  •  Home located in a mobile home park (family park or 55+)

  • Home located on private land

  • Home that can be removed from the park - Typically need park approval.

 Once you identify the target buyers, it is time to start marketing. We believe the most effective form of marketing/advertising is online. Phoenix Mobile Home LLC recommends using all of the following marketing options:

  •  Facebook Marketplace

  • Craigslist

  • Zillow

  • OfferUp

  • Listing with Phoenix Mobile Home LLC

 If families are not contacting you immediately, it most likely means the sales price is too high or some key information (above) was not provided. We recommend tweaking your home listing until you cannot keep up with the calls. A properly listed home should sell within a couple weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (480) 525-6857 or with any questions.